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Orion Star T910 pH titrator

  • pH Titrator with customizable methods
  • Large, easy-to-view, lab glove compatible touch screen display
  • Automated titrant delivery system with high-accuracy burette and dispenser
  • Automatic results calculation
  • Internal data storage & simple data transfer to printer, usb flash drive or computer software
  • Come with stirrer probe
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Use the Orion Star T910 pH titrator for dedicated acid-base titrations including titratable acidity of juices and wines, acidity of food products, alkalinity of waters, acidity and alkalinity of consumer products, total acid number (TAN) and total base number (TBN). Titration techniques include equivalence point titrations and preset pH or mV endpoint titrations for versatile sample analysis. Pair the titrator option with any of our premium ROSS pH electrodes or select one of our preconfigured titrator and electrode kits for a bundled discount. The 8102BNUWP ROSS Ultra pH electrode and 927007MD stainless steel ATC temperature probe are ideal for most standard pH titrations including preset endpoint titrations that include temperature. The 8172BNWP ROSS Sure-Flow pH electrode is designed for challenging samples that can clog standard pH electrodes or that require a fast-flowing sleeve-type junction.


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